If (variable) = 0, do this / If (variable) = 1, do this?

Shouldn’t this work?

If I remove that, it works :confused:

Shouldn’t the system check if the variable is =0 and if it isn’t then it does nothing.
Then it moves down and checks if the variable is =1 and if it is, it does something.

here is an another forum post wich is deals with a similar problem:

the task is not exactly the same, so you need to adapt to yours, but the logic behind is what are you need.

Thanks for the quick reply but I fail to see the logic behind that.
I gave it another try and it still didnt work.

the point is, there isn’t an “or” relationship between the svents or even the sub events of a main event. just checked its conditions one after the other, and executed their actions when the conditions give a “true” output.
so in your first line say: “if Variable is 0 :arrow_right: then do Variable to 1” . after this, your second line say: “if Variable is 1 :arrow_right: than do Variable 0”. both lines are executed, because both lines condition’s are true in that moment when checked. you must exclude this possibility.