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I feel the object tags in gdevelop could be greatly improved, currently, the only way to add tags is to right-click on the object > click tags > and add/pick the tag you want, that’s not bad but it doesn’t have to be that deep.

An option to add tags directly from the edit object dialog would be a great improvement.

Have tags visible in the properties or objects panel.
could be here
or here

Having the object list item follow the tag colour could also be an option for smaller screens.

A list/collection of all available tags would be great up here, just like in the examples page of the earlier versions of gdevelop

I believe this is going to improve the usage.

Hello Gem_Dev

Thank you for this topic.
After asking the community around how did the use their object tags (Filter Object by Groups - #15 by Luni), we noticed that it was a feature that could be merged with the Object Folders ([CURRENTLY TESTING] Object Folders), so the object tags were removed (since it conflicts with the existent tags) from the beta version.

If you’d like to test the beta version of the Object folders through the lens of organising your objects by categories (the example that you just kindly gave us), please head to this Discord channel: GDevelop
You have up to September 29th to share your feedback. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for help us improve GDevelop!

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it seems the invite has expired.

I’ll send you the link via Discord. :slight_smile:

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