So things are getting like really complicated here…

So What GD really needs you may be asking?
Well it really really needs >>> The ability to make folders for Objects in the object panel, I mean the use of tags is alright but I think it’s just >> a bit slow…

Right now … the project I’m working on is just getting bigger and bigger with more objects added every single day so what I’d really love to have is the ability to add objects in folders.

For example:
You have a car >> that car have other related assets like (wheels - effects and so on)
Why not have the ability to create a folder named Car then add in it all the objects related to the car…

This alone will make things a lot more cleaner to work with in the objects panel…

In a project where there is going to be hundreds or objects and each have different objects related to it … it’s going to be really difficult (probably a nightmare) to just look at everything at once at the same time and then look for the right object that needs to be edited…

This feature is really missing from GD…
GDevelop really need the ability to add objects into folders in the object panel…

If anyone have ideas to sort objects in the object panel better than the use of tags please let me know…
Or if someone from the GDevelop team have this planned for the future, please let me know!


This feature has been requested numerous times, and will come sooner or later.


Hey @Gruk,

Glad to hear that it was requested before, Well I really hope it happens soon with future updates.
It will make things a lot more cleaner.

I confirm what Gruk said.
The GDevelop team knows this, and also wants this feature.
But as we have a roadmap meeting soon, I will add this request to the table.
I can’t make a statement about a date.


Thank you for confirming Bouh, waiting for this to be added in future updates for sure.


I think this feature is really important, not only for Objects but also for:

  • Scenes
  • External Events
  • External Layouts
  • Global Variables

I’ll really appreciate that improvement, thanks!


@Ondaluce I really agree with you, very true indeed!
It’s very needed.


Cambios que podrian estar bien:
Que los objetos que utilizan motor de fisica 2.0 puedan “colisionar” con objetos que NO lo usen.

Poder manipular escenar y re colocarlas, como ls capas!

Poder "seleccionar"varios eventos. (Con el mouse que mantengas pulsado y selecciones varios eventos que quieras mover)

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Hello y’all

I am letting you know that this feature is officially under review.
This means that I need your input to define the problem space for the future solution. Your participation is important to make sure that the feature is as effective as you expect it to be.

Here’s how you’ll need to participate:
Send me a screen recording video (responding directly to this message, or sending it via private message on the Forum, Twitter or Discord) where you explain how do you categorise /search /navigate your long object lists. Don’t forget to show me why you think that tags are not good enough for what you’re trying to achieve.

Because there are just few things that I can think of when working with long list of objects. Therefore, before starting any design solution, I need to see as many use cases as possible! The easy, the weird, the bad, and the ugly. All users (beginner, intermediate and advanced, mobile, app, desktop…) are welcome to participate!!

Ok, but why do I have to send a video? Can’t I just comment on this topic?
Not really.
In an ideal world, I would jump on 1 to 1 video calls with each of you so I can observe the distribution of your working space (desktop, web, mobile, tablet?), UI inconsistencies and/or errors that appear during “demos” so I can ask related questions…but finding a time that works for both of us can be a little tricky.
So, this is why I’m trying a “non-moderated” asynchronous approach.
To keep it as methodical as possible, please follow these instructions:

  • You have to be sure that you can record spoken audio and your screen at the same time. If you don’t have a way to do this yet, I use Chrome’s free extension “Bubbles ” which doesn’t require any local installation.
  • Show me the biggest project (those with tones of objects) and explain how you currently classify them.
  • Do you use tags to classify and find your objects? If yes, show me how. If not, show me why tags aren’t enough.

Remember that this topic explores How and Why you do it like this. We’re not thinking about any solutions yet (but you’re allowed to say “It would be helpful if I could…”).
Feel free to speak in French, Portuguese or Spanish if you don’t feel comfortable in English.
Mobile experiences (mobile telephone or tablet) are allowed and encouraged to participate too!

Thank you for your helping us improve GDevelop!


At least i hope
A little late but better late than never
Anyway you insisted on video so here you go
I did try to do it in 1 go i forgot some stuff on the way so it is as it is
I hope it provides some help

I'm doing my part

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Thank you for taking the time to record this file!
It’s fine if you forgot some things. That’s the problem with asynchronous research (but well, it’s what we have for now so we’ll roll with it). :slight_smile:

I did think of merging object groups with objects… but it got a little complex because Object Groups are ment to be used with logic (on the events) and Object Folders are just for file management.
So, the Folder “main characters” could share folder location, but need to behave differently in terms of logic (with the help of object groups). BUT I understand what you’re saying about improving human/machine interaction on Object Management.

A couple of questions:

  1. I noticed that you didn’t use the tags? (even when you have a list of tags created). Why is so?

  2. You mentioned on 3:35 that you liked that you can have the same object in 2 different groups (on object groups). Why is so?

Thank you for doing your part! :saluting_face:

It’s more of a i am man of my word
I told you i gonna do it when i’m done with my daily chores and so i kept my word
Problem is it was not same day i was tired it was almost 5 am already and i haven’t sleep since yesterday
I just wanted to do it and go to sleep
I think i now understand why ppl write scripts for making videos that would ease things
Or at least check list would do
So let me do it properly this time
I gonna make that check list to expand upon previous vid and answer your questions in it

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I think i repeat some stuff from 1st video but i guess this answer more questions
I confused touch tag with torch but well dyslexia is my 2nd name
Have fun and hope it helps
And like always
At your service

Hello, Luni
Until when will you be receiving the records?

Hello @Rasterisko !
Until this friday February 10th, please. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I found this update only now.

I have used Adobe product for years. The most easy way to manage folder with a lot of elements is the Photoshop layer system, based on an easy drag and drop.

It works perfectly. You can create multiple nest folder with few passage!

In this video you can find a fast example of grouping layers and move them in Photoshop:

I hope it’ll be useful!

I think that’s a feature that should’ve been there long time ago. It is essential for a good workflow and almost every software nowdays have it. Just can’t imagine how I would manage with GDevelop in a little bigger project. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel - it’s almost the same in every major software. Like in photoshop for instance - you can have layers, folders, groups.

For GDevelop you just need to have folders for the objects and life would be so much easier :slight_smile:

No worries y’all I was also raised with Adobe Products (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects XD… even Flash lol) and there are tons of those key shortcuts or functionalities that I love and that I always have in mind.

We won’t reinvent the wheel, no worries. Even Mac and Windows have a folder system in place, so understanding how to use them won’t be an issue.
I was looking for the problem space (were tags used?, if yes what are the reasons, if not, why not?, how would people navigate their objects, how do they name them, how do they move them around…) to see if there were other things that we can identify besides “just making folders” that could eventually apply to other panels too!

Anyway, you’ll be happy to know that this feature is in the backlog now. :slight_smile:


Hey Luni,

Very pleased to hear that this feature will finally be happening soon in GDevelop…
In my case as mentioned before, my next project will have hundreds of objects, some are connected together and some affect each other so having a folder system will be a must to make things tidy and clean… navigating this without folders or a way to group them would be a real disaster.

The tags system is ok but slow … very slow and to find something you have to remember what the tag for it was called … and you have like 10 tags … everytime you need something you have to search and type it’s name … it’s slow.

Having folders like in Photoshop for example would be amazing … when you work with some layers … you can instantly group them using CTRL + G and BAAM … you have a new group or a folder with these layers in them … the great thing is that I can click the little arrow beside the group to show the layers or collapse the group again for a cleaner looking list … why is that helpful you may wonder?
Well because all the objects are there in the same place … it’s like tags … but tags separate everything … a folder stays there and you see just the folders you created and inside are the objects you want … you open a folder … and you grab an object … then collapse the folder again … open another folder … grab a new object … then collapse it … it’s fast … clean and it’s all there in one place.

Happy to know that the GDevelop Team will finally make this happen.
Will be waiting for this update for sure…

It will help a lot…