Justice for better windows

Also a cool thing that would be neet is MULTIPLE WINDOWS!!! goddamn i need multiple windows so bad im trying to make window kill in gdevelop and everything works fine but not the fact theres no actions to make more windows. You could implement this feature like the same way with cameras with íds like 1 and 2 and you could then link cameras to the windows. similar to Godot.

The window system is something i really need since it comes in handy alot sure you could make an extension in javascript but idk javascript and its a no code engine :DD

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Hello @NoahTech

Thank you for your message, but unfortunately it won’t be processed.
As explained on ⭐ Welcome to the User Feedback channel!, we ask our users to make only one request per topic. That way we can assign them tags and follow a single feature at a time (otherwise it will get real messy).
So, I will let you edit this topic to keep only one feature, and make another request of the second one.

I’ll tag it now. :+1:t3: