Lighting Light Texture

I have created a Light Texture that is a cone to represents a flashlight. Is there anyway to have it rotate with my top down character?

I guess you could use Link Two Objects and then give the light cone a Top Down Behaviour too

Here’s the thing I have noticed. The Light Texture doesn’t rotate. I have tried to give it the Top Down Behavior and it will move up/down, left/right but doesn’t rotate.

I think it should rotate? Maybe you mean it doesn’t stay on one side of the player object, as if they’re holding a light and the light will stay attached to one side of their body when they turn? Is that the effect you’re after?

I’m trying to get it where the light is showing in a cone. Something like this,

Have it attached to the front of the player so that they can see what’s in front.

I’m not sure how to get the light into the shape of the cone. (Someone else will probably know).

But here’s what to do to attach the light to the player in the way you want.

Go to the Edit Points in the Animation window and create a new point. Let’s just name it “light” for this example. Position that point where you want the light to be.

In the events, add action, select your light cone object and choose “Put object around a position” then use the line below. For the example I named the objects LightCone and Player but you can just substitute them for the relevant objects.

Put LightCone around Player.PointX(“light”), Player.PointY(“light”)

see flashlight example.
Did a transparent background sprite work for you as light texture?

The website you use isn’t allowing to download the example. Can you please use a different host?

So with that Light example from Slash the Light Texture is static and doesn’t move/change angle or direction.

i do hope that directional light will be implemented in GD. Just specify some angle would be alot better.