Line numbers on Sheets


I give classes with GDevelop, and one information really useful could be to have the line numbers so I can guide my students in a better way than “no, this one on top, no, not that far”

I saw that back in the days you had those. And I didn’t find how I can get them back.



I never used a version of GDevelop that used numbers. I can see how it could be a nice reference tool for teaching. Just a toggleable visual aid.

It would help this forum as well since people almost always post a screenshot. It would be much easier to write “line 15 needs a trigger once”.

I tried to find the post i was talking about thanks to the topic auto-suggestion (that’s how i found it out) and today it gave me an other post, asking the same thing.
Sorry for the duplicate :grimacing:

Line numbers in 2015