Looking for a plugin that uses variables to play music

Before the update, I was using a plugin called “SoundsByName”. Its function is to use variables to change the playing BGM without having to create complex code.

But unfortunately, this plugin is no longer available in the latest update. I want to find a new plugin with similar functions, because this part takes me nearly 1/3 worktime, i cant imagine need how much time to rework in other ways.

thank you so much

If there isn’t a similar plugin, I’m hoping someone can give me a copy of an older version of gdevelop5.
This is very important to me.

Hi @CharAznable

I don’t think extensions are stored in the GDevelop’s code and are loaded from a server. But you’ll find what you’re looking for in this thread:

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My previous plugin came from this. I’ve viewed the post before posting this question. Sadly I don’t know anything about js programming. But I still appreciate your reply. :smiling_face_with_tear: I’ve used an old version of gdevelop that my friend gave me.

You don’t need to use an older version of GDevelop to get this extension. Did you try what the user suggested in the post? Just copy the code into a text file and save it as SoundsByName.json, then click import from the extensions window and you’ll be able to use it.

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I have been using this plug-in in the old version, but the new version no longer works, which is why I am looking for a plug-in with similar functions.Using this plug-in in the new version will result in an error and the game will not run.

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Oh ok I understand now.
Btw you can download older versions from GitHub if you ever needed again.

I had already searched gdevelop’s github before posting this question. Because the previous versions have serious bugs, they are no longer available for download. Fortunately, a friend of mine forgot to delete the installation package of the old version.

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