Make Game Accessible To Person Specified?

Hello there, I have started to use GDevelop 5 for a job assessment project. I want to do basic gamified assessments like “time perception”, “face recognition”, “verbal memory” and etc. GDevelop suits for me because I don’t know how to write codes. The project is going well but I have some questions followed:

-Is there any way to make the game accessible to only whom I assigned a password and username? For example, if I load the application to Google Play, or a website, I don’t want that everyone can open gamified tests, bu the people I am going to assess.

-Another question is, is it possible to share the data storages to a center computer through internet? I want a situation like this: a person who has assigned, downloads and plays the game thorugh his/her mobile phone or computer, and I can reach to the scores that s/he made out in the game, in a central computer, from internet.

Any answer to any of these questions will make me very happy, thanks.

Most publishing platforms have a way to do that (application testers for ay store, htaccess for website, password for

You can look into firebase analytics. To test it see Is Firebase possible? and if...How? - #2 by arthuro555