Making a Player Character follow a set arc

I need to get a player character to follow an arc on a specific trigger [2D platformer], but I’m damned if i can get it to work properly. (It could be at various different points on the level).

Hopefully this image will illustrate.

I’m sure it’ll be something obvious, but I’m stumped so I could do with a strong nudge in the right direction!

I’m not sure I understand. That looks like jumping. I think we need more info. Are you using the platform behavior?

I’m using platform behavior, but it’s irrelevant to what I’m trying to do.

At a fixed point, I’ve got that bit sussed, I need the player character to perform a perfect half arc that the player can’t affect (disabling the control is easy). I just can’t figure how to achieve the exact arc I need. I’d need it to go in either direction, to suit the player direction.

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May be this can help you.

It doesn’t look like it works. The demo certainly doesn’t.

Doesn’t work in web editor but works on PC

I modified the formula I have to follow a quadratic curve. The formula might be helpful. When the player touches the S it moves to E using the player’s original position as the start and the C sprite as the curves control point. The 3 sprites are draggable while the player uses the controls. I used ignore default controls because I got a weird bounce when reenabling the behavior. It’s controlled with the variable t which is tweened from 0 to 1.

doug13579/Character-follow-quadratic-curve: Character-follow-quadratic-curve in Gdevelop (

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Thanks, Keith_1357. I’ll take a look. :slight_smile: It certainly looks like what I’ve been scratching my head over!

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