Minimap to platformer game

How can I make minimap to platformer game ?

Is there any game that you are making like in paticular

What is (paticular) ?

Particular is what I meant sorry sometimes my device does not put in the letters sometimes

Minimap Like hollow night

I have never played hallow knight but I have a friend that plays it so I can ask him about it

Hi! There are lots of different ways for making minimap to the game.

I made a simple example, how to do one type of minimap with GDevelop, you can check it here:

Minimap of Hollow Knight is of course much more sophisticated, but the idea is more or less the same in all minimaps.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


You really should consider making example out of it like official example for gdevelop
I sit here almost 2 years and i never seen even any1 ask for minimap
I think ppl just think it is too hard to do it
And your method is criminally simple
Really consider making official example out of it and submitting it to gdevelop


I well tried if it being good I well supmet that

I gonna do example out of it if you don’t mind
I will however credit you as original creator of this minimap method and i simply expand upon your idea
Reason being i spent quite some time why it works for you and not for me
And it was because our resolutions are different so map location x and y are different
On top of that you did not show what option to disable in shape painter object which is “Draw the shapes relative to object position on scene”
And i gonna make it use only one shape painter object you don’t even need to put on scene (will be done via events)
And i gonna automate process of adding new objects to map which will work in tandem with automatically creating new shape painter object for them
I added zoom and i removed opacity action and went with object masking
Which now allows me to determine size of visible map on the fly
With few more features
Including how to make radar (circle shape) minimap
While in events instead of typing name of object like “platforms” in for each in variables and in condition/actions
You will type name of objects you want to include ONLY ONCE in one event
IDK how to post videos here so here is link to discord forum post of how it looks

But i can make small gif which shows how it looks now
BTW your method is awesome but one downside is when you have long object or tall one
Like long ground platform
It will start to disappear due how you change opacity based on distance which is made to center of object and not to any border of object
In my method it works perfectly fine
I suggest going to discord video over looking at this gif

Anyway i still think that YOUR minimap method is piece of craft
You really should be proud of yourself
Big THX for it


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Excellent, thank you for this development process! Indeed, my version was done very quickly, so all the polishing work was left undone.

You are right, in my video I didn’t show the properties of the shape painter, it’s crucial that “Draw the shapes relative to the objet position on the scene” is unchecked.

If you have time and energy to create the more advanced exaple, then please do! :+1: Crediting is nice but not definitely not oblicatory, I just gave the first idea of how it could be done. It’s enough for me that I have possibility to help the GDevelop community. :slight_smile:

I mean i am perfectly fine with you making example if you want
I could provide you with my events (still will take hours to finish before ready)
But i guess most ppl here do not want to waste so much time on making examples so i propose i gonna make it
And well i do not want to credit you out of kindness of my heart
I want ppl to spam you with questions like “i followed your minimap example and it is not working, can you check what i did wrong?”
Just kidding
I do not want to steal someones spotlight
And let’s face it i would done nothing without your base idea to work with
So i will be creator of this minimap method as much as you so why credit only one of us?
That is right thing to do give credit where credit is due
Now i go back to trying to build whole logic for automating the process of adding new objects to minimap
Now that i think of it i could make it map/minimap Catlevania style
Without a problem
Where in game you have minimap but in pause menu you have option to view full map
I just wanna see ppl use minimaps in games and your method is really too simple not to abuse it

So many possibilities
How about making enemies display as circles on the minimap?

Thank you my brother

It is done
Now i need to work on map that does not calculate stuff based on player
So it can work in games that do not have player object

Minimap working like a charm

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Wow, respect! :+1: You have done wonderful job! :slight_smile: