More stuff for the multiplayer

ik this is highly expiremental but,

  • the countdown should be toggleable or changeable
  • their should be a boolean thing u can change that could allow new players to join, this should be able to change dynamically so if the game is on pause new players could join
  • the ready up feature should be toggleable and also the host doesnt need a start game button since they have the ready up thing (Vice versa)
  • there should be an advanced feature where u could make the menu urself out of sprites and stuff like that :3
  • Maybe some smoothing for the object behaviour (ofc toggleable and cuztomizable)

Thats it!!
ALSO!! thank you so much for the new feature!! this makes everthing so much easier
this was all the code to make a multiplayer game for me


the customization SHOULD NOT HAVE AN SUBSCRIPTION since theres already an subscripition for the lobby

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  • Lobby configuration to disable the avatar images
    (99.9% of players have pointless gravatar default images)

Since extensions allow players to convert their own images and screenshots of areas in the game to base64, it would be cool to send them to the lobby.

The worst thing for me is that we can’t completely customize the lobby, lobby overview and countdown screen, not even with your own javascript. For example, instead of a ready slider, I would like my game characters to raise their hands. But I’m afraid there might only be background and text color, only in the 120€/year subscription.

Gold and Pro memberships will get access to extra customization

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