Multiplayer, joining games after the host and others connected?

So like most multiplayer games on here, you need to connect to someone else playing the game using a code. I have managed to get up to 3 other instances connected all to one game but the problem is the immense timing. Sometimes only 1 game connects and sometimes all 3 do, regardless in a real life situation it would be very varied with how fast everyone types in the code ect. Is there a way I am able to have a game instance connect with a group of game instances using the same code? sort of like how among us and other games work, where theres a lobby to wait for the other friends to join.

Do you mean that all players must connect at the same time? I haven’t used the P2P, but I doubt this is the case :thinking:

No the opposite, the players all need to enter the code at the same time or else they arent put into the lobby, which I dont like. You cant join a game after its been created without everyone leaving, unless theres a way i havent found

Oh, I see.
Well, you should open a post in #gdevelop-general:feature-requests explaining the issue, giving as many details as you can, explaining how it can be solved, and if you get likes from the other users, one of the developers might take the time to add that feature.

The other option is to put up a feature bounty saying you’re willing to pay __$ to get that feature added, and other people can chip in, and a freelance developer will do it when enough money has been collected. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you want to use p2p in that case. A lobby is not really a concept that works well with it, as a lobby is centralized, the contrary of peer to peer. You might want to use MQTT instead.

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