My game doesnt fit the mobile resolution

Hi there! I’m new to the gdevelop family and I can surely say that I love gdevelop. i’m trying to create my books for kids into a game and i have this problem:

I created a project with 1920x1080 resolution and of course I added the same resolution image (my background image) so it fits perfectly. BUT, when i preview it, the preview window shows a gap on the right. it doesn’t fit perfectly!!! I thought it was a preview problem so I made an apk of my game and I installed it to my phone to see if it is just a preview error. When I opened the game, it had the same gap as it was in the preview. How do I fix that? And why isnt the apk adjusting the mobile’s resolution since i’ve checked everything in the game settings

thanks for your time.

Hi there, try a different setting for this one? The default is “Change width”.

thanks for your reply. I did and it just goes in center leaving black gaps. better than having one big gap on the right though. But why it doesn’t fit the mobile resolution? my mobile resolution is 1080x2440 clearly the gap on the right (in landscape) is the pixels that are missing from 1920 to 2440, but why it isn’t the game adjusted to that resolution by at least stretching the image?

Hi, this discussion lists the options you have:

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