My game uses too much RAM

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The game is using much RAM. If suppose, I restart my scene, the memory of the previous scene doesn’t get deleted even if I have used stop other all other paused scenes. What can I do to reduce the RAM usage of the previously stopped scene? :thinking:

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Is Gdevelop not freeing allocated memory correctly?:thinking: don’t know…

The majority of the ram is taken by the webview I think, GDevelop itself optimizes ram/memory handling pretty well

But not in my case, What do I do.

What do you exactly mean by this?:thinking:

Can you check my game. Please tell me what’s going wrong.
Get my game from the link below.

GDevelop makes we games, so to run it on mobile it opens it is a webview, aka a browser. That’s what is taking the most ram. GDevelop games themselves are pretty lightweight.

Does this happen even in PC. (In my case, it is)

Then what should I do to make my game more stable.
Please see my game. I have provided the link above.:point_up: :confused:

If you mean the one I installed successfully where you said it wouldn’t I didn’t have any ram or performance issue on my redmi 5 3gb of ram with MIUI 10

Ya, I know that. In that I actually had a corrupted installation in my phone.

But even in a Windows build when I saw the Task Manager, I was surprised :scream: to see 95% memory usage.
And the game itself took 2354 MB RAM of my PC.

As I said above, I had actually restarted the scene several times (as I was failing to reach the goal in my own game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and saw that 95% memory usage.

When I start my game initially it uses only 150 to 200 MB. But If I restart the scene several times the RAM gets used up too much.

You can try that yourself, to restart a level several times and see the memory usage yourself.
You can get the project, Android build and the Windows Build of my game from here.

Do I need to do additional JavaScripting to resolve my issue.
If so, then even that’s also OK for me.:+1: