My requests for 3D [not valid]

Hello, I’ve decided to post some what of a bucket list of things that i think GDevelop certainly needs in its 3d department to be usable (I’m sure this would be more efficient then a bunch of small posts)

A 3d editor view (admittedly not important right now)
wider range of model support (i cant export to glb and it really hinders my workflow having to get someone else to do it)
supporting external textures and allowing them to be animated
being able to change how shiny or emissive an object is
3d behaviors

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Hello DesmonDev
Thank you for your suggestions.
However, please take some time to read the rules on the ⭐ Welcome to the User Feedback channel!, you will notice that it is better to make one suggestion per message so it can be tagged, classified, voted and followed. Otherwise it is hard to know which of your suggestions is better to prioritise.

So, please take some time to edit this topic and splitting it in different topics, or making new topics for each so I can start classifying your request into a category :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!

I will try to do that soon, I am pretty busy at the moment.