New lock UI option

Can we please have an option to completely LOCK the object without being able to click or interact with it anymore ?

Currently the Lock option only stop the object from moving but I can still press on it, it gets really annoying when you have a big background for a game and want to interact with objects at the front (z order) but you cant, because the background is in the face, so wherever I press I always select the background.

a new option to Lock & Not interact
would be VERY VERY helpful :sparkling_heart:


Just as a general heads up, the current lock behavior was implemented because the old method behaved as you are asking and there were a lot of user complaints/requests to change it to the current state

I could see potential for another option/toggle to allow for the older method, but I dont know that the current behavior itself changing again.

Exactly, that’s why I asked to add another option, not to replace the current lock behavior:
• Objects you want to keep interact with them but not with their positions (Check Lock option)
• Objects you don’t want to interact with them at all (Check lock & no interact option) (the option can be turned off from the instance list)


The way I see it, we would:

  • Add a new checkbox below the current lock checkbox. The new checkbox would say something like “Make it unselectable (you can change it in the instance list)”:

    This new checkbox should be activable only if the object is locked (because does it make sense to have it unselectable if it isn’t locked?)

  • Change the lock icon in the instance list so that it has 3 states : “Unlocked”, “Locked” and “Locked and unselectable”.


It would be very helpful!!! :heart_eyes:

After version 5.0.122 they changed the way objects were locked like Silver-Streak said. I tried to explain the difficulties of this change in this topic: About the dificulties with "new" Lock position/angle in the editor

@alexandresi , wow, I liked!!! :slightly_smiling_face: :ok_hand:

That’s Perfect :heart_eyes:
hope to see it soon in GDevelop <3

Yes, this makes sense to me. I also agree that you should never be able to be unselectable if not locked.

For the icon, I would probably just do an unlocked/locked as it is now for those states, then a crossed out circle for unselectable?

It will be available in the next release:

Thanks for the suggestions!