New multiplayer system can handle a online action mobile game?


I just saw some videos of The Gem Dev (How to create an Online Multiplayer Game for 2 or more Players - YouTube) and see multiplayer features.

Right now is possible to make a multiplayer online action game for mobile ?

Thinking about remaking my game for this :smiley:

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Online multiplayer action game, is exceptionally broad so it is hard to say, but whatever you are thinking of is probably possible (odds at 95% Iā€™d say). GDevelop has no multiplayer though, it only has the networking, and making a multiplayer game is hard. Especially action games, since those often require fast/precise inputs, and networking introduces latency adding a delay before an input comes to the other computer, impacting the preciseness of the inputs. Since GDevelop only offers networking (communications between machines), you will have to find mitigations for those kinds of issues by yourself.

Thanks for the fast reply.

I am thinking about remaking my game, Heroes of Pixels (Heroes of pixels (couch local pvp game)).

I will probably do some testing before.

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