New tutorial - Making a chess board and engine


I have started a new tutorial series using GDevelop. It’s going to cover how to make a 2 player chess board, how to add in clocks and other features and finally, how to create and add in a computer engine to play against or analyze the position.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
(other parts coming over the next couple weeks and will be updated here).

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I wonder why nobody has replied to this gem of a tutorial series yet.
Nice to see a tutorial on advanced game logic. Keep it up, it is nice to understand.
Don’t forget to reference it in the wiki when you are done. Would be a pity if it gets lost:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’ve actually managed to get a cold and my voice is kind of ruined, but I’ll record the other parts as soon as I can speak properly again!

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Sometimes several posts get “overlapped” and good things like this get lost if nobody comments, nice tutorial by the way! :smiley:

Maybe you could edit your pinned topic about display scores, and add your tutorials there. Your tutorials are always helpful so surely there will be no problem about switching the topic…

So interesting! thank you for starting this tutorial, it will helps a lot, a chess game is difficult to make. following such tutorials will be inspiring :slight_smile:

Apologies for the necrobump, but I was wondering if anyone happened to have updated links or downloaded the tutorial videos ? The youtube links are all down.

Agree to bump, I too would very much like to see these videos to learn.

If they are that old, they are probably not compatible with GDevelop 5 sadly.

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Logic is logic.

If you are limiting yourself to only tutorials with the exact program and edition you use you will miss out on quite a bit.

In my opinion if you rely on tutorials in general instead of trying by yourself you will miss out quite a bit. So outdated ones, using probably removed actions and conditions, using a 3 years old software, where the software have been pretty much rewritten over the last few years is not a very good source for learning. But then it’s my opinion. I’m gonna close this topic as there are no chances the original poster reposts the videos/ever looks at those messages as he didn’t log in since 2017.

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Here’s Mathews youtube channel:
He is a creator of those chess tutorials if you want to ask him about how he made it. tho, I don’t know will messages reach him because last video is uploaded 3 years ago.

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