[Object Panel Feedback] Tell us your feature wishlist for Object Folders!

A new Object Panel (folders, global and scene objects…) is live since version 5.2.178. Read the release here: Release 5.2.178 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub .
Please use this topic to share all your feedback/wishlist regarding the Object Panel only. :slight_smile: Thanks!

I think we should be able to Duplicate a folder and it will Duplicate the folder and all the items inside it.


Hello @Luckythespacecat,
Thank you for your feedback on object folders!
I’ve turned your message into the “official” topic where people will be able to share their wishes after the 1st release of the object panel. :sparkles:

Future readers:
Please note that topics marked as [Feedback] are the only kind of topics in which you can add mixed feature requests. For any other request, you have to follow the rules listed on the #welcome to topic

Would be really useful and time saving to be able to move the entire Scene folder to the Global objects instead moving one by one every object in that folder

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