Object Spawner Area Plugin - Spawn from object groups?

Hi there,

I’m using the Object Spawner Area plugin, currently I’m able to “Periodically spawn (create) an “object” located at spawner “point”.”

However I would like to spawn from an object group, but with no success as it’s only choosing to spawn the first type only (Ghost):
“Periodically spawn (create) an “object_group” located at spawner “point”.”

Would love to know if it’s not possible to spawn from object group with this plugin? Or I’m missing something. Thanks!

you can spawn different objects from a group but you have to name your enemy sprites consistently and add an individual number. Then you can use the RandomInRange expression to randomly choose a number which will determine the spawned sprite. You can find the events for that in this topic:

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Thanks Drona!

Wondering if you know a way for it to work with the plugin though? (Spawner Area Plugin)


This is indeed tricky and I have no solution for that. I would probably not use the extension, but I am not familiar with your project. It really depends on the benefits you get from the spawner extension. The basic functionality (spawning objects at a certain time interval) can be done relatively easily with the events.