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Could you help teach me the basics on how to have a login system made with GDevelop. I would like to make an rpg game where someone can have an account and log in to restore there character.

Please help :smiley:

Is anyone here knowledgeable of this

If you are trying to create an MMORPG you might want to look at this.
[url]Questions for this game engine!! - #2 by 4ian]
I’ll bet there is someway to create a login system. If there is a server that saves there progress and character then loads it into the game in some sort of complex way. But if you plan on 100+ online players walking around in a 3D world. You might want to see the post above.

For a login system, you need a server with the capacity to receive and respond the GD requests you make (e.g. through PHP scripts), I’ve never done it in GD but in simple page-to-page request tests…
But ricardograca has shared a tutorial about GD-to-server requests, it isn’t about a login system, but is a good start point: [url]BAHAMUT95 : le come back] :slight_smile:

It seems he has a good system with high scores but im more looking for a login system, cant seem to do much with manipulating the high scores for a log in system. Any help is appreciated. :sunglasses:

For a login system you just need to save two entries (nickname and password), both strings, as the “Name” property in the example provided by ricardograca. Of course then you’ll need to save everything relative to the logged player… :slight_smile:

But I understand that it isn’t straightforward, and difficult without a good understanding in the matter (or at least without some tutorials), but it it isn’t a problem from GD: To save something online, your online server has to be able to handle the requests :neutral_face:
A good tutorial about setting-up a basic server to handle the GD requests, save and load values, and how tointeractuate with the server from the GD side would be excellent. My courses have already started, so I won’t have a lot of time, maybe in a near future…

What I want to do is create a rpg where you dont see other players but you can still compare scores to other players and login and save your status.

Ok so it’s just RPG (not mmorpg) with shared scores ? Maybe a login is’nt necessary… idk !

Well I want it to have a cash shop and probably equipment at some point so I dunno whats best :frowning:

“Cash shop” = Player making real money purchases?

If it’s the case you want to do these kind of things, you should probably learn networking from the ground up* and the appropriate APIs.

*You could also do this anyway and you wouldn’t be asking this question.

I know a little about networking Ive never done any of it with gdevelop before though, thats why im seeking help or a tutorial from someone who has.

In this game people can party with each other in a unique way to fight mobs by clicking on them. … te_357x132

I would like to do something like this but I need help with the networking part for gdevelop.