Options that I cannot find in the program

Hello there! :smiley: I am new to Gdevelop and I have some questions :thinking:
First, I want to let you know that my native language is Spanish, and my understanding of English is very basic. Second, my version of Gdevelop is not official, but the user’s @Lizard-13 build for Windows x32 bits (beta-64).
Well, there are some options that I can’t find in the program:

a) The “Stay within screen limits” Behavior mentioned in the Geometry Monster tutorial.

b) Yarn’s Dialog Tree extension, I can’t find it either. If it turns out that it is not included in the compilation, I have a program, Ink Studio, which is used to create interactive stories, and it exports the project to JSON, will it work, or how else can I edit the dialog batches that my game carries?

c) The program is only in English … At least, I have not found how to put it into Spanish in my version.

And also, about my game, an adventure of exploration and escape: you are trapped in a house and you must, over the course of several days, create a strategy and escape route, without your jailers noticing.

I was originally going to program it in Rpg Maker 2003, but while I liked the old game effect and overhead view, not being able to edit the menus bothered me. With Gdevelop that is solved, but I would like the player to still move frame by frame and not pixels, and without diagonal movement.

Also, how do I program objects to interact with them only when I examine them at the touch of a key? I don’t know if I missed reading something in the tutorials, could you tell me?

I hope you can help me, thank you very much :hugs:

It sounds like you’re using an old build. The latest 32 bits build that wa made i am aware of is this one’ [32 bits] GDevelop 5 Windows/Linux - #34 by arthuro555

It’s work! AND it’s in spanish! VERY thank you, this help me so much:kissing_heart:

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