Override system in properties panel | Allow each Text object instance to have a different string value in the IDE

As a UI developer I would like to create a single Text object with font/size/color properties, and reuse that object with multiple string values and be able to visualize each string instance in the IDE

It’s very common for me to create a single Text object with the properties I want, and then add an instance variable called “text” with the text value which is injected at runtime, because creating a separate Text object for each string is cumbersome and requires creating groups to modify classes of strings.
To me the Text object should just be a named definition based on Font/Size/Color. The “Text” should work like an instance variable, where each instance can override the default. And this is exactly how it works today at RUNTIME, but in the IDE changing the text value in an instance changes the default text definition, and therefore all other instances.

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This is exactly what we talk some days ago, feel free to read this post, and share your opinion.