Phone sensors doesnt work?

The sensors of this game doesnt seem to work on the test version on my android phone. What am i doing wrong?

Code for vibration :

Code for orientation :

P.s How can i put in the request to acces the sensors to the user?
(When you download a app, they ask you premission for acces for camera/location etc.
Do you put this in, when you upload the game to the play store?)

Thank you in advance!

Yes this is in process when you add your app on play store.

Vibration work fine on my mobile.
Orientation seem have a problem.
It’s reported here, follow this link for more info.

Allright, thanks for the info! And for the bug report. Then I first move on to other stuff in my game.

Have a good night!

Hey Bouh,

I saw on the github link that there was a html code for the permission. Does this need to be implemented by you guys. Or can I somewhere put this html code in?

Also do I need this also when I put the app on the play store? Or is then the permission (in play store) you give before downloading the app enough?

I don’t know, not yet tested.

Allright, thanks for the info.
Then I know, what the status is. Thank you.