Physics Help on a Template Game [Spherez]

hello everyone:

I am using a template game in Gdev called Spherez so i can learn about physics. there is a problem in the original template game and i tried a million things but i cannot fix it.

The problem: when you shoot the balls [lets say you have more than 1 ball, 5 or 10 or whatever]…one of the balls does not move at the normal speed, but goes in a very slow speed. all other balls are traveling at a normal speed, but 1 goes at a super slow speed. This does not happen all the time, but does happen frequently.

I tried and could not figure out why, and all my solutions were lame and did not solve anything.

Can anyone please look at the template game and see what the physics solution is? please? thank you.

Does this slow ball hit a wall object and rolls along it, like in this thread?

no the ball does not roll along any object or wall. the balls are all shot at a set interval, and they all travel at normal speed, except for one that goes at a very noticeable slow speed…right from the beginning and that speed does not increase or decrease on any collisions. i cannot figure it out, and i opened the template game to learn physics in game making.

I opened the project on my PC with the app and with my browser and all of the balls seemed identical. Did you change anything?


No i did not change anything within the game. the “error” if that’s what it is doesn’t happen right away, you have to play for a while [say a good 10 - 15 min. straight], and then it surfaces, and then even then its sporadic: as you shoot the balls, one of them [never more than one] will always be super-noticeably slow. its hard to replicate unless you spend some time playing it. very frustrating.

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