Player Damage reaction

I am making a platformer game in which the player has to fight enemies.
THE ENEMIES can also fight back and hit the player.
I need help making the player react to being hit.
I want him to get pushed back when he takes damage kinda like how the enemies in most games get pushed back when you hit them. Is there any one who can give me any advice please??

you could try the events given in this thread:

If you search the forum a bit you may find other solutions as well.

Hi Drona,
How would I implement this if the enemy does not have any force applied to them.
I just want the player to get pushed back when they make contact with the enemies weapons

That’s actually not necessary.
If you follow the example you just apply a force (a pushback) when there is a collision - so in your example, when the player collides with the (enemy)weapon.

Hey Drona, I tried implementing this but it didn’t go as expected.
The player gets pushed back when the enemy is flipped and makes contact with him, but on tye second hit, the player just keep going backwards, without stopping, also wgen the enemy is not flippef and he makes contact with the player, he gets pushed toward the enemy instead of away from him, is there any way to fix this