Please Add: IDE Commands To Center Objects Horizontally And/Or Vertically

What would you like to request:

  • Please add: IDE commands to center objects horizontally and/or vertically.

Why you are requesting it:

  • When designing static scenes(like a title screen), it would be nice if the editor had support for centering objects withing the camera bounds. Like if I place the game’s logo sprite at the top and I wanted to center it horizontally.

Supporting evidence:
See screenshot below:

I understand what this request is about

But i wanna know what IDE stands for?
This is word i only seen regarding hard disk drives in PCs so googling it gives me that result

I.D.E. = Integrated Development Environment

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Thx now it makes a lot more sense

You know about CamerWidth()/2 CameraHeight()/2


But the GDevelop IDE should have commands to center objects horizontally/vertically.
(Something similar to what Microsoft Office Publisher app has)


For any feature request to be reviewed, it needs to meet the minimum requirements listed in the pinned thread of this forum section. Please review this here :star: Welcome to the User Feedback channel! and ensure you update your thread with the info listed at the bottom of the thread.

Additionally, keep in mind that the scene has no “Center”. All scene layers expand infinitely in all directions. When you provide the other details from the template linked above, please provide info on what you’re looking for when you’re saying center.

Done, see above…


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I’m sorry but I don’t think that will happen. It is rare that objects need to be centered every frame and it can be achieved with a single action. Before that, it would make more sense to add flip horizontally/vertically in object properties or opacity and tint… that has been rejected or ignored in the past.

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