Please Add: Stretch Game Window To Fill Screen (No Black Bars, Not Respecting Aspect Ratio)

What would you like to request:

  • Please add: Stretch game window to fill screen (no black bars, not respecting aspect ratio)

Why you are requesting it:

  • All other game engines I have used have above feature. I target Web(HTML5) and Android. Having black bars on either side of the game is just not good. I understand from other posters that current PixiJS does not support above, so please collaborate with PixiJS developers to add this.

Supporting evidence:
See screenshot below:

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First: For any feature request to be reviewed, it needs to meet the minimum requirements listed in the pinned thread of this forum section. Please review this here ⭐ Welcome to the User Feedback channel! and ensure you update your thread with the info listed as mandatory

Second: Unfortunately, as far as I can find PixiJS (the renderer used by the engine) does not support stretch-to-fill window. I’m not sure the devs can do anything about this, but make sure you include the required info from that thread (especially why you want this, and examples of other systems or methods that would benefit from this) in case they do take a look.

Done, see above…