Problem copy scene frome one project to an other project

I can’t manage to copy paste a scene from a project to a new project… I get the events ok, but the objects seems to be missing.
I get this :

I tried also to copy the repository of the assets, it doesn’t work either…

I had a look at this post : and it seem it worked in the past, but no more…
and this request :

Any ideas how to do it ?

Hello @Boblib,
I suggest you to check the resources:

Assets will always be missing if you copy scenes or objects between projects, you have to manually choose every asset again.

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That’s interresting, When I look there, I can’t see in the ressources list the ones which should come from the copied scene…

I managed to make them appear in that list by doing “scan the project directory” for images (because I copied them manually in the directory). But my scene still doesn’t show them.
@jumpingj any idea to get them correctly ?

because if I have to choose them again manually one by one that’s really problematic.

alternative solution, which doesn’t work (yet) : I also tried to do this using GIT by merging the two games, but during merge process the old resources are replaced by the new ones, instead of adding the new resources and keeping the old ones… like on image :

Do I do something wrong, or is there something that could be improved on Gdevelop file organization ?

Scenes are project specific and are not meant to be copied between projects.

It will break (as you have experienced).

At most, if you are wanting to reproduce the events, is turn on multiple file mode in your project settings, move your events to an external event sheet, then use that in your new project the same way.

You will not be able to move objects between projects without heavy source code modifications and even then it will break.

Ok, that sounds like bad news…
Hope the request of such a tool appears soon.
Thanks for the answers
(I leave it unsolved for a while in case new answers come up)