[Request] Export and Import package


I think it would be really great to be able to export selected scenes, objects, assets, external layouts and behaviours in to a package and then being able to import it.
I know that something similar is already exist with the ability to save project in to files.
But I think it would be nice to go even a step further and allow us to select what exactly we want to export, which scenes, which layouts, extensions, events even objects and assets in to a zip file and then import them from the zip.

It would allow us to export, share and import very specific functionality. For example let say a platformer enemy with all the assets, events, behaviours and properties ready to go you could just import it and drop it in to your scene. Or just an extension that provide extra conditions and actions. Or a complete scene with everything needed to play.
When we import said package it would be also possible to select what we want to import from the package and how. For example in case of an object, we could select in to which scene we want to import or if we want it to be global. In case of assets, we could choose the location to avoid accidentally overriding our original assets and so on.
It could be also possible to set dependencies to make sure when we import 1 thing we also import all dependencies too that required to work.

it could benefit complete beginners, younger people who may be not familiar with how to navigate in the file explorer or just looking for a simple way to extend their game with new functionality and it would also provide more control for advanced users because it could ease collaboration on the same project more so than just save project in to files.



A little bit like on Unity for the import?

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Yes, something similar would be nice I think.