Procedurally Generated 3D

Would it be easy to make a procedurally generated open world 3D game in GDevelop

Hello, Taco2009

I couldn’t understand your question. Or should your topic have been opened in the Feature Request category? If so, you can move your topic and I would suggest you follow the guidelines in this topic and add more information: ⭐ Welcome to the User Feedback channel!

If it’s just a question and it’s been opened in the right category, could you elaborate better so that users can understand what you need?

It’s not a feature request. I think that you should study how games like Minecraft and terraria do it, then try to apply it here. There is a simplex noise generator extension. Start with that :grinning:

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Oh I was wondering if it was possible to make one within the engine so I could note how to do it down and use it for my future games

Thank you very much!!