Release: Heidi Moombootz on (complete game)

Complete game only on!

Heidi Moombootz” is a pixel-artstyle game about a group of baby animals who want to set up a strawberry farm.
A friendly story-adventure-platformer game with cute five playable characters.
Available in english and german language.
(Playthrough time aproximately: 2 – 3 hours.)

  • Explore a tiny, easy to navigate and handcrafted open world.

  • Harvest strawberries, produce juice and buy decoration for your farm and unlock more features like disco while playing through this game.

  • The baby mammoths are playing Hide and Seek: the player has to find and collect all mammoths in different levels/biomes.

  • Try to translate seacucumberish and meet other baby animals like King Gaga Shrimp or the Wig-Maker. Some of them have strange and funny dialogues with pop-culture references and eastereggs.

  • Solve the Mooliad Mystery! An optional task, can you solve it?
    And… why is a baby zebra baking a pizza in the jungle?

  • Choose between 2 Soundtracks (Orchestra/Retro)

The assets and the composed music is created by myself. (except the used font.)
Have fun!

(Learn more about this game in this topic.)

Games are art, about me and my project

#cute #peaceful #relaxing #platformer #farmsimulation #easytoplay


Game tested before release on following:
Min.system: 4GB RAM, Win7.
Max. system: 16GB RAM, Win10

If you find any bugs or you have struggle to progress I would be glad to help you here. The game can be patched in such case- don’t worry.

Version 1.0.0: It requires a keyboard and mouse to play.
Version 1.1.2: Touchscreen Support added.

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  • The Soundtrack (composed by myself)


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Hi Ambytar,

Just checked out the trailer for “Heidi Moombootz” on, and I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed! The pixel-art style instantly grabbed my attention. It’s refreshing to see a game that combines the charm of story-adventure with the fun of platform gaming, especially with such adorable characters.

The idea of managing a strawberry farm with these cute baby animals sounds both entertaining and relaxing. I’m particularly intrigued by the unique tasks like translating ‘seacucumberish’ and the humorous aspects like a baby zebra baking pizza in the jungle. These quirky elements definitely add a delightful twist to the gameplay.

I’m glad to hear that the game is available in both English and German, making it more accessible to a wider audience. The choice between two soundtracks is also a thoughtful touch, catering to different player preferences.

The concept of solving the Mooliad Mystery sounds like a great way to add an extra layer of engagement. I’m looking forward to diving into that challenge!

Your mention of the game’s original assets and music composition is commendable. It’s always great to see such creativity and dedication in game development.

I can’t wait to stream my gameplay on my Twitch channel. I think my viewers will love it, and it’ll be a great addition to my content. For those interested in capturing memorable moments from the game, I recommend using It’s a fantastic tool for saving and sharing your favorite gaming moments.

Keep up the fantastic work, and I’m excited to explore the world of Heidi Moombootz!

Thmes jack

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Thank you for your excitement.

This game should be easy-to-play for experienced players; it is meant to be a relaxing and peaceful experience with a cute story about friendship with comedic elements.

If you have the feel that characters move to slow, there is a trick: Keep jumping, that will make the characters a bit faster.
There is also a hidden method to grind strawberries faster. :strawberry:

( I noticed that you are new in this forum:
I hope you will explore other interesting games made by other creators here too which will catch your attention.)
I wish you a good time here.

Solve the Mooliad Mystery inside “Heidi Moombootz”!
(no subreddit required for this)

A reference/parody to another big title of the gaming history!
(Do you know which title is here parodied? :oncoming_automobile: :five: :wink: )
The Mooliad Mystery is meant to be an easteregg (use your mouse inside the game to explore more or wait till more will be revealed).

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A small insight about the water-level creation of Heidi Moombootz.

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In addition to the Mooliad Mystery of my game “Heidi Moombootz”:

By clicking on the mural in the last level more pictures can be revealed.
All of them contain some riddles (I hope they are not too hard).

Hey Ambytar,
Loving how you post more about the game! It’s actually a great idea, even if not many people visit the forum. There’s a more cozy atmosphere than certain other sites that shall not be named.

I’m interested to play, however my heart determines it’s not the correct time yet. The only way I would remember to play it is if I downloaded it. (I want to give as much of my attention to the game as possible, rather than rushing through it when I don’t feel like playing.)
Would it be possible to make downloadable version of the game?
Thank you!

Hey reina,

Thank you that you are interested to play this game.
Currently the game is only on available, maybe there will be a downloadable version on other platforms in the future.

The game has a save / load function:
If saving does not work, the game will tell you this in the main menu after a short variable check.

To be sure if loading is really working:

  1. play the intro level
  2. after that you will spawn in the farm level (top down view).
  3. Press escape and go back to the main menu (this will try/force to create a save).
  4. Close and restart the browser and the game and click on continue.
  5. it is a good sign if you spawn in the farm level.

Save / load should work if cookies and history are activated of the browser

At the moment this game is not featured/promoted on the page and it is hard to find it on the page, well…
What you could do to remember is:

  • You can open the link which opens the “Heidi Moombootz” game. Then you create a bookmark (or set as favorite) inside your browser.
  • You can also bookmark this post of the game in the forums. Click “…” (under the post next to the reply button) and the bookmark-button should appear. Then you can choose when you will be notified in the future. You can find your bookmarks manually too if you click on your fourm avatar icon in the browser.

Here is the link, so you don’t have to scroll up.

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All characters with dialogues.
Can you find the sea cucumber and some pop culture references?
One of these characters did not make it into the finale game: It is the baby mammoth with the mask from a sci fi movie.

(There are a lot of dialogues in this game, if there will be a next game maybe I should reduce the amount of it.)

An update is in work, featuring a new character which can unlock special abilities in the main menu. :giraffe: Mobile support is planned.


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The new character “Hildi Mathildi” for my game “Heidi Moombootz” is a real computer expert.
She can now automatically activate touch-controls (but she says that playing on pc would be the better option to experience the game.)
In addition, she will be able to activate cheats for you in the main menu, it will be very handy if you lost your save/progression or you just want to cheat.

The mobile support update will be released soon!

I made an itch,io page for the game with some screenshots and video.
But it will not be playable on itch,io, the game was too huge to upload it there, because of the 1000 files limit. So it is still playable only on

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This looks awesome! (Both the trailer and the game!) I hope it is very successful. I love the story and the characters.

It is already a success in a certain case: because actually I developed this game within half a year just for my partner and she loves the game so much.
Well so I reached my goal. :slight_smile:

Recently I sculpted the main characters as polymer clay figurines. Was a bit tough from 2D pixel to tiny 3D figurines but it worked out well… But now I have good reference models, if I should make a 3D sequel. :sweat_smile:

I really like this game, but I wish you could export it for desktop platforms and mobile platforms for players like me to play it offline.

I would also like some variety in the music because it sometimes feels too repetitive.

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