Games are art, about me and my project


I am an artist and composer.
A few months ago I was looking for a new way to make art,
because I painted hundreds of pictures, I composed more than one hundred songs and I have a little bit experience in cartoon animation.
Something new was needed.
Everything is self taught, and all these skills directed me to one new project: Creating A Videogame for PC.

After careful consideration: I am here to tell you about my project which is already 70% completed after months of work every day.
I am working alone but I have someone who helps me to translate.

  • The name of this game will remain a secret until the development is completed.
  • The game will support english and german language.

Genre and Gameplay:

  • It will be a cross-genre: adventure, platformer, farming-simulation elements (and a kind of creature collection) with linear narrative.

  • Expect a peaceful cute and cozy game with unique dialogues, a few parodic pop-culture references and eastereggs.

  • There will be no violence, instead of enemies the player will meet friends.

  • A small detailed open world in top-down view with mini map to navigate. The player will be able to decorate areas.

  • Platformer levels are in side-scrolling view, the difficulty and variety of gameplay elements will increase depending on player progression. Different biomes can be explored.

Artstyle and music:

  • Expect a cute pixel artsyle game.

  • Most of the sprites are 32x32 px and 64x64 px.

  • Every sprite and animation is carefully created by myself, there is no AI involved.

  • For this project I created more than one thousand sprites already.

  • The soundtrack is already composed but there are adjustments left to made.

In a few months the project will be completed.

Thank you for your attention.


Hi Ambytar and welcome. That all sounds amazing!

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-Ambytar’s Project-

Hello again reader,

here are some new information.

About the open world with farming-simulation elements:

  • There will be strawberries

About the platformer levels:

  • Flatlands
  • Forest
  • River
  • Dream
  • Mine
  • Snow Area
  • Underwater
  • Jungle

Like I said, my game will have some parodic pop-culture references:

Thank you for your attention.


-Ambytar’s Project-

Hello again reader,


My project is currently 80% percent finished and today I hit the mark of more than 2000 pictures which I painted for this game.

  • The platformer levels are finished.
  • The open world and its features: like farming, buying expansions is finished.

Now I’m working on the cutscenes, polishing this game, I included even an unplanned minigame inside the game there the player has to build something: a secret (no spoilers). :slight_smile:

Luckily everything is fine: I can easily manage to fix bugs and introduce new features with ease just with (thanks to) the awesome Gdevelops Youtube tutorials which I studied.

And… I’m here to tell you about a new feature which is planned, but this will remain our secret ok?: :wink:
Maybe: This game will support two soundtracks! (which I myself composed)

  • The player could choose between a Bit-Style soundtrack and an orchestra version.
  • If (hard work and) luck is with me, this feature can be introduced.
  • But for now: just expect a Bit-Style soundtrack fitting with the 2D pixel art style.

And if you are the one who is really interested,
here is a morse code you could decypher for more information:
“- … . .-. . / .-- … .-… .-… / -… . / .- / - .- .-… -.- … -. --. / … . .- / -.-. — -.-. …- – -… . .-.”
(Edit: Not every dot is displayed accurately, because more than three dots are displayed as three dots and two dots are displayed as three dots for some reason. This will make it harder to decypher it.)


Thank you for your attention.

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I decyphered the code! And everything looks great, it is coming along nicely.

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For some reason the image in your first post brought back memories of the old 90’s LucasArts games, paticularly ‘The Secret of Monkey Island’.

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-Ambytar’s Project-

Behind the scenes.

Maybe in this post I will tell too much, but I don’t think that a lot of people will read it.

  • Current Main Menu Design:
    Sorry, I pixelated the final main characters and the game’s name.


  • Current Game Design:
    The heart of the game is the main map, and it works like a clockwork, because it has has 12 chapters.


  • Old Character Design:
    At the beginning, there was the plan to create the game just in GB artstyle.
    Here are the concept characters in the earliest development phase which will be not in the final game.
    With these characters I studied the engine.
    Posting this picture makes it clear that the game is about the story of baby animals.


  • Design Choices are made because:
    The game is considered to be an digital interactive artwork and it is my first game which I make.
    Maybe this game will be way too cute, too easy, too short, too peaceful?
    I don’t have an idea how other people will react to this title when it will be finally released,
    because this game is actually in development just for one special person who don’t play frequently video games.
    So the game is designed to fit the taste of this person.


Thank you for your attention.