Updates, more Content for Heidi Moombootz

Update for Heidi Moombootz”, a pixel-artstyle game about a group of baby animals who want to set up a strawberry farm.

Complete game is playable on gd.games: estimated playthrough-time 2-3 hours)

This Update 1.1.3 adds:
+Add-On “Be A Hero, Sea Cucumber”
+Cheat Menu
+General Improvements
+2 new characters which can live on the farm when the story is finished.

In the Add-On: the Sea Cucumber will become a real hero…
Rescue a planet with a giant transparent vacuum cleaner robot.
Help the Alien-Baby-Mammoths to remove trash and grow trees to save the nature.

Learn more about Heidi Moombootz here:

I composed so many songs and painted all of these pictures by myself for this game.
It took some months to create this piece of art and I hope you will recognize the polishing and contained quality.
“Heidi Moombootz” was actually produced just for my partner but I hope you will have a relaxing time and fun playing it too, like she had.

Thank you for your attention. :cow:

If you should find any bugs: let me know it, so I can fix it. :slight_smile:

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The second Add-On will feature a yoga minigame and a drivable monstertruck. :pickup_truck:

To simulate an acceptable engine sound I have used 3 sound channels which are working dynamically together depending of the car’s actions. :sound:

This level is a little bit breaking the general artstyle with the parralax shadows but it is a stylistically method for me to depict that the joyride is a very special event for the main characters. :face_holding_back_tears:

Update 1.2.0
“Joyride and Yoga”

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My project “Heidi Moombootz” is actually finished now. :cow:
In addition: If one should find any bugs, I will try to fix them as soon as possible.