Resources tab Folder tree

  • What would you like to request:
    Folder tree, for the Resources tab. Very similar to the Object Folder tree that was added awhile back.
  • Why you are requesting it:
    The Resources tab will be very messy if you want to remove certain resources. So being able to navigate folders would make it a lot easier to find certain resources. Or you just want to rename a few resources.

Hello PiercingGames,
It seems like your feature request looks like this topic: Folders for each resource type in the project folder?

If that’s the case, would you please add your feedback/comment to that theme so we can centralise similar needs? (I will later close this thread to prevent duplicated requests).

These are two very different feature requests.

But the Resources tab is very rarely used, I have never deleted or renamed a specific resource there in the last 5 years😌 There is a search function that allows you to quickly find a resource, a folder tree there would be so overpowered.

That seems to be talking about a Folder for every different file type. While this is for making a folder and putting any object inside.

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I think all resource files are exported along with the game, so if there’s something that you didn’t feel like finding, or didn’t even know about, it’s just staying.