Right-Click option to Hide or Show objects (temporarily) during prototyping

Often times during prototyping, I might have an object in front of other screen objects I am working on.
It becomes difficult to select one item underneath the overlapping one. I maybe wanting to temporarily re-arrange these object(s) (move, scaling, rotating, adjust, etc.).

If I could just right-click the object which in in the way, it would be easier.

Here’s a visual representation of what I am speaking of with the Platformer Template.

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Your problem would be solved just by activating the option “lock position/angle in the editor” on properties of your instance, but since version 5.0.122 it does not help anymore in this case, because the locked objects can be picked and you will always pick the object that is in front. I did a topic about that change explaining the difficulty that became working with many instances overlapping on the scene: About the dificulties with "new" Lock position/angle in the editor

I think the better solution is comeback with old “lock position/angle in the editor” (could not select the locked instance) and if it were really necessary to make the locked objects invisible do it as a second option.

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Thanks for the reply.
If I understand that correctly, locking would make the foreground object not move or rotate.
I was hoping it would fade the foreground object as well or outline it making it so it does not block an object of same size or less behind that object.

Even if you could change the opacity of an object in the scene when you clicked it would continue to be selected if it were the object that is in front. So, we need something to block that instance to not be more selectable on editor. The option “lock position/angle in the editor” before the version of Gdevelop 5.0.122 did this in addition to not allowing move and rotate. But later this version they changed that option and it just block move and rotate and allow to us to select the instance. :cry:

So, thats why I said: