roundTo decimals problem


I have a problem with my score counter.

I want my score to start from 0.000000000

But when I start game and take first points, this appears instead of 0.000000001:


My code looks like this:

change the text of total score: set to ToString(roundTo(Variable(Totalscore),9)) + score

Its working, when I put decimal 6, but with 7 and more, no.

Please HELP…

I see 1 issues with 1 bug.
It’s adding a number to a string which is basically adding 2 strings so it appends the 2 values instead of mathmatically adding them.
You can move the parenthesis ToString(roundTo(Variable(Totalscore),9) + score)
That still doesn’t convert a large number to a string. For that you need LargeNumberToString() instead of ToString() unfortunately, LargeNumberToString() seems broken,