Rpg inventory menu

hi so i need a menu that will only display items and ammount of gold, the items are displayed by text

Hello. Please do not repost topics, it goes against the rules of the forum. I am unable to help you, but I hope you get help soon.

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Ask someone to help please

I have a friend who is making a Minecraft knockoff, and he will make an inventory system… eventually. But have you looked on YouTube for a solution? There should be some.

There is an extension called Slot system, I think it was easier to use than the default invention function, Just add item names into an empty numbered slot and you can detect your items easily.

Here is my code for the items collecting system, the code it is shown will store 5 items in the Inventory_Text variable

copying them exactly the same probably wouldn’t work for your own project but free to ask if you don’t understand

Is there an arrow that you scroll?

My inventory is like this

Some things to point out, you (probably) should be using Trigger Once outside the Repeat loop, it is better to check it just once, than 20 times every frame.

Why did you add “Repeat for each instance of Items” to manage the animation, scale etc? Can’t you just add those actions inside of the repeat loop? It would automatically pick the newest created Items.

I hadn’t started on building the system yet

Sorry, but I do not understand what you mean by “using Trigger Once outside the Repeat loop” Do I create a sub-event to put it in or should I do something else? for the second one, I just use that event creating an item for testing, it just temporary so I don’t want to mix it up with an event that manages its property, thanks for suggesting

Yes, generally you dont need to add conditions inside the repeat loop unless you really need, in your setup you check trigger once 20 times every frame, while you could be checking it only once every frame, if the repeat loop was a sub-event of the trigger once.

the text in inventory will say diferrent from one another

Okay, i understand if you never had rph games where inventory items are just different texts, you may be working on that right now, on how to make it, so i will be waiting. One more thing when ypu press z on an item a small box appears with options check, use and toss, sorry if that’s too mich to handle

Do you mean RPG games? I mean I definitely did play and played a lot. And I have already finished my inventory system with sprite graphics. for your options check if you can make a popup sprite, set its origin point to its corner, and make it show up when you press an item. you can use button sprites for each action for the item.

if you want to use or toss or to make your item disappear an item you can swap out the item’s name in the slot with a placeholder name like “empty” or “nothing” and instead of detecting an empty slot when you pickup an item, you can detect that place holder name to put your items in.

This is the new code for picking up items, you would only need to use the condition for checking the empty slot

Use this when you want to get rid of an item, replace the “Items in hand” with the item you are selecting

can you tell me what inven is?

It is the slots I store my item information, basically my inventory

how do i create it tho?