Screenshot action

Can you add action to make screenshot of game window/region of game’s window? If I’m missing something and such feature exist, please tell me where to look for it. If it doesn’t exit please ake it save screenshots in png.

Yeah, I think something like that would be great, maybe where you can store images to variables, then save the images later using a specified filename, or you could change another objects image with it, I once used a game making program that could do this, and I made a texture making program with it, so I think it’d be pretty useful!

I should be able to add some actions to PrimitiveDrawing extension to take a capture of the screen.
However, adding only this function does not really make sense as it would be like a single function isolated from the others and not able to be used for another goal than saving the capture to a file. So I will also add some functions to manipulate the images used by the game ( For now, the only function related to images used by the game is a function to paste an image on another ) : I think I should be able to add a function to dynamically create an image in memory ( Parameters : The size of the image and the initial background color ), an action to save an image to a file, an action to load an image from a file.

Thus, we’ll have a quite comprehensive range of functions to do open/acquire/modify/save images dynamically.


Have these functions actually been built? I’d like to use them here: