Search for object variable strings/numbers in a scene

It would be like the already implemented function of finding a certain object, but you can find a text in a certain variable in an object, then you can teleport the camera of the scene to the object with the preferred string of a variable to find.
This would be useful for: finding an object with a number ID that you are unsure which object has it. It would save alot of time. You wouldn’t need to drag the camera to the object, and it’s even harder if you dont know what object has the string. Just think of it being like finding the objects on the scene, but you can filter it to certain variables, to the strings of the variables.

Hello PiercingGames,

Thank you for your message.
I appreciate the time that you took to think of the suggestion on how the system would work while using the search.
And, as explained on the entry Welcome to the User Feedback channel! it would be helpful if you explained your workflow and context: how do you name your objects, and how the way the app works currently is stepping in your methods while working with strings.
This is not to invalidate your methods, but to better understand why you think this feature will fix your current issue.

Thank you for your help!

I usually use just one object for texts, then I declare text/ID by variable strings. But that means I won’t be able to see the text of object in the Editor, so I have to manually find it. The more texts the harder it is it find what I need. So from this I could just search in the string of the variable to find the object.

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That is very helpful. Thank you for explaining.
If I can ask… (again, just to understand): why (with which objective did you developed this method) are you using one object for texts? - Is it to minimise the amount of objects that you have, or something else?

Yes, to minimize the amount of objects I have.