Selecting all instances of an object in the game

It would be good if you could select all of the instances of an object in the editor by holding a key and clicking on one of the objects.

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I think you can you “for each object”

There is a “Pick all XXX” in condition.
This will select all instances of your object on scene and you be able to manage it in eventsheet.

No, he meant in the scene editor, picking some of them, like when you pick some files while holding Ctrl (or alt I forgot) to modify properties of many at once

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I’m trying to select all instances of a sprite in scene all at once. I think that is the same as the OP. Does anyone know how to do that? I just want to do it in the editor. After laying out a lot, I wanted to make a global change of the size.
If it isn’t possible, how do I put in a feature request for it. I think it would be very handy if it was an option to right click the sprite in the object window and have an option for “Select all instances”.

There is this section for requests: Feature requests - GDevelop Forum

It’s impossible.
You can search them using “Instance list tab” but you have to select one by one in editor window.

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