So where does the GDevelop Community values actually stand?

This morning when going through, i saw this game on the front page…

It has no sound untill you press play, after you do, you get this loud soundtrack filled with offensive language, like cursing, racial slurs, derogatory slangs for women and so on…

This thing has been played over 8.500 times and no one seems to complain…

I made a post about it, trying to report it, and no one really seems to care about…

I had a read through Terms & Conditions | GDevelop and this game seems to be in violation…

Now heres the part where im starting to get annoyed…

Not that long ago, i got into a bit of an argument because i said someone was being a “moron”… this was immidiatly fagged and removed.

Okay… then i mention that someones response was “dumb” in my opinion, this too got flagged and removed,

I complained about this, but eventually, as im a racional adult, i came to the conclusion that if this is how people prefer things, then i can adjust and try to go by this communities values and rules.

I even removed the video i made complaining about the issue… like i said, im an adult, i can admit when something not right and do my best to adjust.


… please understand if im a bit annoyed that a game blasting profanities and racial slurs is allowed to stay unchecked, even after bringing attention to it… but me saying “You sir are a moron”, was so offensive it made everyone gang pile on me for it.

Where the heck to we stand on values?

There is an option on the game web site to report the game instead of venting on this forum, which may or may not get noticed by whoever needs to know.

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@MagicBiscuit It seems that this is very important to you because this is your third topic about this specific concern today?

Reason i came to the forum was because i couldnt see the button, im visually impaired… Silver gave me directions to find it and i did.

To me the button might as well not exist, its a dark grey that blends with the background.

But its reported now.

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Well, its important because it should be important.

The first topic was me asking for help because due to being visually impaired, i couldnt for the life of me find the report button.

I also explain why this made me move quick… my son uses, i dont recall ever seeing any prompt about the site having “mature” content or not being appropriate for all ages… so i figured it was someone who slipped through the cracks.

The second post was asking for there to be some sort of reminder before publishing that “Terms of Service” are a thing, please dont upload garbage onto the platform.

…and now this post is a bit personal…

I waited half a day, no one seemed to respond or say anything… so given how triggered everybody was at “you sir are a moron”, and how quick they were to post a reply, flag my post and shut me up… i got a bit annoyed.

Its all good tho.

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…an entire day later, the game is still up on the first page and trending, no changes, still blasting profanities and racial slurs.

Guess people dont care about this stuff after all.

Little note here: The forums and communities are moderated by community members, but is entirely controlled by the development team at the company. Moderators here have 0 control over what happens there.

If a game with racial slurs was posted here, the moderation team would not just delete the message but immediately ban the user in question since we are very strict when it comes to hate speech.


I hope i dont get banned trying to bring attention to this game by linking to it…

Should i just edit all the posts with it and remove it?

Thats fair, thanks for explaining how things work.

…but to be clear, the reason i posted here about it, was because i couldnt find the report button and wanted some help… also, because the game was played over 8.000 times and people seemed to think it was fine… which is either just wrong, or they had the same issue finding the report button as i did.

You won’t, the moderation team does read the post before taking action and can differentiate between a report and actual advertising of violence :‎p

To clarify here - the play count is not a feature, but shows how much generally the game has been played through GDevelop analytics. These plays can come from another platform completely and the game may have just been uploaded to

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I was just checking… i like it here, dont kick me out :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh! Thats awesome info! Thanks for taking the time to explain this stuff… i feel like im nagging at this point, so i mean it, thanks! :slight_smile:

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