[Solved] Character Shaking (Not on a wall)

Ok so I’m making a top down game, right?
Well the Camera is making the Character Shake!

So I have the Camera centered on the Character. And it’s on the same layer as the Character. The only layers I have is a Lighting layer, a Basic Layer, and a VCR layer that is almost never shown. Everything but the VCR on the VCR layer, and the Light on the Lighting Layer, is on the Basic Layer. And the Camera is centered on the character, and both the Character and the Camera are on the Basic Layer. But when my Character walks, it shakes. Not the screen, the Character. What did I do wrong?

Video of the Problem

No, chances are you are centring the camera, and then positioning the player.

Swap those two commands - position the player, then centre the camera.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

You have your actions that position the player. You also have the action that centre the camera on the player. Do the player position actions first, and do the centre camera actions as the last event.

What if the player movement actions aren’t in the camera event? I have a similar problem which I’ve been ignoring for a while now. It’s for a pathfinding character whose movements are determined through random in range things. If I have the camera rooms extension camera enabled then the character shakes like in PokeDude645’s video. But if I use the center camera on player camera (which I don’t want to), it shakes or shivers. I’m showing a building with different levels and while the player is in a room, the camera should just stay static on that level. But when it moves to the elevator then the camera will be dynamic and swing across to show the elevator. It works except it’s so cold in that building :cold_face:

To be clear, I only have one enabled at a time, they’re both enabled here to make it easier to read.

Update: Oh, you mean move the events. Yep, just did that, but still got the shivers.

I don’t know what that extension does. If it causes the shakes then you may want to take it up with the devs of the extension. It may be a bug, it may be incorrect usage.

However, I suspect @PokeDude645 will be centring the camera in one event before positioning the player in another event. It’s a common mistake, and results in that shaking effect.

I’ll do more testing but the pathfinding character spends different amounts of time at each place. And if it stays longer than about 20 seconds it stops shivering. But once it moves to go to the next place the shakes start again.

Well here’s my code, tell me what I did wrong, I never really positioned the player, I just put it in the editor like normal. A lot of it isn’t code that would relate to it, but this is early development so I don’t have many Event Groups.

Here’s my second part of code, It didn’t let me do 2 at once.

That code is quite hard to follow.There are a few comments to make about it :

  • Rename your NewSprite objects to meaningful names.
  • You have PlatformerObject and TopDownMovement on NewSprite object. Don’t mix these behaviours. Use one or the other, but don’t have both running at the same time.
  • There are a lot of centre camera actions that have different objects as the target. Why? And then you have a final event which centres the camera on NewSprite16. Get rid of all the other centre camera actions and have just one at the very end of your event sheet.

Aldo, you can check this recent thread about camera and player jittering and see if that helps you.

The Other Camera events are a mix of Old Ones I was using before I tried the Follow Camera, and the VCR Camera.
But I figured it out, all I needed to do is disable Pixel rounding.

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Thanks for including your solution - it means anyone else searching for this issue can try it out too.