[Solved] Delete "Open Recent" list - not all, but only one entry

Can you please make this happen in a newer version?:blush:
Maybe with an .ini file (on windows systems)?:thinking:

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Why though. The devs can’t add unnecessary features like this one because one specific users wants to, a feature is something that takes multiple lines of code and has to be kept maintained by the devs. This feature would just be bloat that wastes the time of the developers for no reason.

All “good” applications have this option.

Word: no option

Audacity: no removing a specific file only clear all

VSCode: no removing a specific file only clear all


Word has the Option, even if it is not obvious.

Not all Applications has the option in it’s application, but per file!
Please…:roll_eyes: if you don’t know shut up :shushing_face: .:blush:
I don’t mean any harm.
You don’t need it, fine… but that does not mean that others do not want it

An option to clear the list, why not.
An option to clear one single item, I agree it’s not worth the trouble. Just ignore the line if you don’t want to open it. :man_shrugging:
But let’s see if other people vote for it…

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Hi given this as a solution

I don’t think this feature is pretty much needed.
But hey if anyone wants it.


A lot of code, huh?!:blush:

This is a c# code snippet which would have nothing to do with the interface or methods used in GDevelop, which does not use C#, nor does the UI use the methods listed here.

Edit: To be clear, I would just see if folks have interest, and if so, then we’d wait to s for if a contributor has interest. The contributor would decide on implementation, so I wouldn’t worry about looking up code snippets.

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The programming language is not matter!:roll_eyes:

This only one example to show how much code is needed.

The amount of code for one programming language has no relation to the amount of code needed for a different language, as well as it doesn’t take into account the actual UI design, dependencies, and methods for the destination system.

Please avoid making assumptions about level of effort needed for something in GD5 unless you are specifically familiar with the codebase.

Well, first of all, tell me one use case for removing a specific file of the history. Then, again, it is not about if I have use for it but if anyone but you have any use for it. What you are asking for is not “a few lines of code”, anyone that ever used a computer know that you cannot right click a context menu entry to get a sub-context menu. The recent file list is in a context menu though. That means there would have to be a whole menu or UI inside GDevelop for that. This takes some effort to make and once something is added to a software, the devs have to maintain it forever. Additionally, it would take space on the UI and bloat it. Features that are not necessary to the software and not useful for the big majority of users have no place there as they are just bloating unnecessarily the software and should not be added.

As a moderator, i need to remind you that this is a place for civilized discussion and we are not tolerating insults towards anyone. Phrasing it in a passive-agressive way by adding “I do not mean any harm” isn’t changing anything.


In fact, let me estimate how much code this would take.
First we need to make a React component that displays and lets you remove individual entries.

  • React component boilerplate → around 10 lines
  • Importing and using a premade component for lists, the dialog, and the trashcan icon → around 20 lines
  • Getting the list of recently opened files and creating a list entry for each → around 3 lines + around 7 lines in the electron main process as this is a native API = 10 lines
  • Adding deletion logic on click of the trashcan icon → around 10 lines of code

Finally we need to attach the component to an existing component, around 5 lines of code.

Total: about 55 lines of code. Keep also in mind that this is writing code, not just writing text. You need to actually think about the logic and how it will behave, not just write out what you are thinking.

If I asked you to add to your game around 50 actions (some of them containing complex expressions, where you may need to spend much time figuring them out, not simple ones like the hide action), for something like “I am scared of balloons so I want you to add an option in your game to make all balloons pop when I approach them”, I doubt you would do it.

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Deleting the whole list is more than enough I think.


For me it’s enough if there is a .ini file where i can delete a line.:wink:
No more menues, trashcan icons etc. in the application is required.

How it could works:
Close the app, open .ini, delete one of the rows, save and close .ini, open app again - done.:blush:
App read the .ini file at startup.

I’d love to see an option for clearing the recent projects list (I don’t need/want an option for deleting individual items).

I currently have 15 ‘recent’ projects that display when I open GDevelop, only 1 of which still exists :smile:

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Despite saying how hard it would be to implement, it seems the developers did end up adding this to the latest version:


So guess this can be closed now…?

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