[SOLVED] ERROR : Unable to create shared data for behavior


I ask here because i’m facing a “hard one”, on native plarform :

ERROR : Unable to create shared data for behavior "Platform".ERROR : unable to crate shared data for behavior "platformerobject"... Done Loading compiled code... Loaded compiled code0xc20000 0x20ba3158<-
Gd just crash in the meanwhile, the scene doesn’t preview at all

For information, I also posted in the french section (first) : [url]Où sont les dumps ?]

I’m getting this problem on one scene that i didn’t edited for weeks/months… Everything works create on other scenes since i started creating it, using global objects.

Right now i’m facing this problem… My crash happens in my “test scene”, i made no modification on it, and all object i used on other scenes came from it… :confused: :confused: :confused:

Also my question is, is there a better dump that the one i’ve wirtten here (from GDIDE_DEV console) ?

How to solve this issue ? i don’t want to loose these scene because it’s were i developped all future mechanics i’ll use. And i’m afraid about impacting other scene, because it’s sounds to me like a random bug.

EDIT : Well, i think i’m facing a bug… i took a save from 2 weeks+, started to made change like i’ve made last past days (working essentially on global objects, layers organisation, and optimizing the engine to be able to make an industrial level making pattern…) ; Facing the same problem, everything works good on the new scene “first scene” (level 1) of the game, but if i try to use the old developpement scene => crash, same error. In this “reproduced bug”, i didn’t copy/modified any objects with platform or platformerobject behaviour… :cry: :cry: :cry:

EDIT 2 : SOLVED => I was missing a ù*^$^$ù=)=)$^ layer on the developpement scene !!! i’m a bit disappointed about this, if it’s a problem, then layers should be global to avoid it ? Or at least there should be an explicit warning about, because the console log send me investigate platform behaviour object, without reasons