[Solved] How do I access scene variables using javascript?

I am using javascript with my game and I want to know how to modify the value of a scene variable using javascript.

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I’m not sure but I think you might find something useful in the game engine documentation.

I want to know this too, I am surprised there isn’t a clear simple way to do this given how basic a need it might be to access/alter a variables in script. This post is old and still no definitive method given :frowning:

Set value of scene variable:
runtimeScene.getVariables().get(“sceneVarName”).setString(“new text”);

Get value of scene variable:
var sceneVarNumber = runtimeScene.getVariables().get(“sceneVarName”).getAsNumber();
var sceneVarString = runtimeScene.getVariables().get(“sceneVarName”).getAsString();

Set value of global variable:
runtimeScene.getGame().getVariables().get(“globalVarName”).setString(“new text”);

Get value of global variable:
var globalVarNumber = runtimeScene.getGame().getVariables().get(“globalVarName”).getAsNumber();
var globalVarString = runtimeScene.getGame().getVariables().get(“globalVarName”).getAsString();

Set value of object variable:
var objects = runtimeScene.getObjects(“objectName”); //return an array of all instances
objects[0].getVariables().get(“objectVariableName”).setNumber(100); //set number value of first instance
objects[0].getVariables().get(“objectVariableName”).setString(“new text”); //set text value of first instance

Get value of object variable
var objects = runtimeScene.getObjects(“objectName”); //return an array of all instances
var objectVarNumber = objects[0].getVariables().get(“objectVariableName”).getAsNumber();
var objectVarString = objects[0].getVariables().get(“objectVariableName”).getAsString();

Set value of a child in a structure variable
runtimeScene.getVariables().get(“structureVarName”).getChild(“childVarName”).setString(“new text”);


var structureVar = runtimeScene.getVariables(“structureVarName”).getAllChild();
structureVar[“childName”].setAsString(“new text”);

Get value of child from structure variable
var structureVar = runtimeScene.getVariables(“structureVarName”).getAllChild();
var childVarNumber = structureVar[“childName”].getAsNumber();
var childVarString = structureVar[“childName”].getAsString();


That’s a beautiful reference! I’m going to keep that handy thank you!

I wish the GD JS script documentation was as clear with real samples rather than just method references to objects without showing any real way to access them.

Thank you @ddabrahim for your help

We can get value of child, but what about key name ?

| structureVar
–| Child_one : Hello
–| Child_two : world

How get “Child_two” from Sentence.
Nothing like this exist i guess ?
ReturnKeyNameOfChildInStructure(Sentence, 1)

You can feed the keys in to an array using Object.keys() method

So you get the structure variable with all children
var structureVar = runtimeScene.getVariables().get(“structVariable”).getAllChildren();

It is going to return an object with all the childs as properties.
Then, you can feed all property names in to an array like so.
var structArray = Object.keys(structureVar);

Then you can get the name of the first element using structArray[0] for example.

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Wonderful :sun_with_face:

Thank you :smiley:


how can we access to structure used as dynamic arrays like in this topic http://wiki.compilgames.net/doku.php/gdevelop/tutorials/simulatingdynamicarrayswithstructurenotation into javascript

thank you