[Solved] How to transition between Idle and Walk animation?

I’m making a small platformer game and it’s my first time working with GDevelop. I went through the tutorial so I know the basics.
My character has three animations: Idle, IDLEtoWALK and Walk. I want to program the character to play IDLEtoWALK once before playing Walk in loop, as the character is walking. I couldn’t really find any help, I read that Trigger once might be helpful but I’m not really sure how it works. I’d be grateful for the help!

You can use the conditions to check that the animation is IDLEtoWALK and whether the animation has finished (so two separate conditions in the same event). If both conditions are true, change the animation to Walk.

Hey, thanks for the reply! I did as you said but now the IDLEtoWALK animation loops when the character is walking and Walk doesn’t play at all. This is how the event tree looks at the moment:

EDIT: Forgot to add that Loop is deselected for IDLEtoWALK in character’s properties.

Yes, because of that "Set animation to “IDLE to WALK Right” action in the first event (when right key is pressed). As soon as the subevent changes animation, that first event will reset it.

Instead, do something like :


Works like a charm! Thanks you so much!