[Solved] HTML game window title

This has been bugging me for a while so I thought I’d just ask.

When exporting as an HTML game, the browser window’s title doesn’t show the name of the game. If I insert a title tag into index.html, that doesn’t work. I eventually found that if I edit this part of runtime game-pixi-renderer.js that it would work:

I also found this previous question. Is this the way we are supposed to manage the title of the browser window? Would I need to do this event for each scene, or just at the beginning of the game?

I guess I’m wondering why a title tag in the index.html file doesn’t work. This would be easiest to change if needed, rather than re-exporting the game.

According to the wiki, it should show the name of the game.
This action should allow you to change it too:

This title work fine. You need setup the title by right click on a scene in the project manager, and choose Edit scene properties, Here you can setup the Title for the current scene.

No need to edit the exported code.

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