[Solved] Image problem in Gdevelop5

I don’t know what happened but when I opened my game after 2 days , I got to see-

I have not deleted NewObject 13 even from my computer and I also used the names
rhythm skeleton(1)
rhythm skeleton (2) and so on
means files name are not same
Please help me out

Are those files in your project folder?

they are my computer as well as imopted in gdevelop

imported …not imopted

Can you see your resources?

There is a button for editing your posts


why are they red in colour

Looks like you weren’t importing your files. Do you know where those files are? Have you changed their locations recently?

They all are in onedrive

What about your HardDrive, are they in your HardDrive?

That’s because they can’t find the file they are looking for.

yes they are in hardrive

not deleted or renamed

Can you check once again?

I will , and let u know:grinning:

this is my hitbox in onedrive-rhythm%20dfv
and in game -rhythm%20gvc

what is the solution , should I import it again…

It’s in your one drive but is it in your computer?

how do I check that
soory because I am just :boy:

should I do it , always keep on this computer