[Solved] Outlining won't work no matter what I do :(

How do I…

Make it so that the wall gets an outline when hovered with the mouse?

What is the expected result

The walls should show normally when the mouse isn’t on any of them and when I hover over them with the mouse they should get a white outline, when clicked they should change to a different image of the wall zoomed in from a parallel perspective

What is the actual result

When I start the preview, it’s either always outlined or never outlined. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, I’ve tried all the methods: with animations, with buttons and with just hiding and showing the outlined image, nothing works.

Related screenshots

Try to make two separate events:

One event when the cursor is hovering over.


One event when the cursor is not hovering over.

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I did it and it still doesn’t work, the outline only goes away when the cursor is off the game screen. Seems like it counts the whole screen as the wall

Can you post a screenshot of your scene? The walls might need a custom collision mask. Are you using a device with a touch-screen?

I did do a custom collision mask but it’s still not working

Can you post a pic of the collision mask? So, we can see what you’re using.


Oh and no I’m not using a phone or anything I’m using a laptop

Is there an exclamation mark error below the list of points? The top part of the mask looks concave. If mask is not convex, it will ignore the custom mask. If it is showing an error, you need to make the top straight.

What @Keith_1357 wrote is correct. To add to that, you can define multiple collision masks/areas for a sprite.

So instead of this which brings up the error:

create multiple collision masks by clicking on the “Add collision mask” button to create more collision boxes (the masks can overlap, I just didn’t here so it’s easier to see and understand):

Oh yeah I think that’s the problem, thanks! Do you think making the mask bigger or smaller is better? (so that the top is straight)

Oh I see, thank you!

I don’t think it matters. Unless you think people will need to click that close to the edge. I think most people (including me) overestimate the need for a perfectly matching collision mask. It’s usually just a few pixels.

Ok thanks! Though the hovering still doesn’t work when I do preview, idk what the problem is.

Can you post a pic of your current events?


It should work. You changed the animation so it’s not concave? And if the animations don’t share the same collision mask, you adjusted it for both animations?

Can you post a pic of your scene? I’m running out of ideas.

To add to @Keith_1357 request, can you also add screen shots of the collision masks for both animations?

The collision mask is set to apply for both so it’s the same as the screenshot I sent :')